Colored PPF

The Perfect All In One Film. 

Colored PPF Package


The ultimate level of protection covering all painted surfaces from any road debris, rock chips, scratches, door dings,  oxidation, harmful chemicals, and everyday wear while providing a new stylish look for your vehicle.  All packages include fully wrapped edges. 


Full Vehicle Coverage


Hydrophobic Nano-Glass Gel Topcoat, Stain Resistant, Damage Resistant, Crystal Clarity with no added texture, ULTRA High-Gloss Finish, Easy Maintenance!


10-Year Film Warranty against bubbling, peeling, and discoloration. Lifetime Warranty against installation defects. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!



*Complimentary one-month post job checkup. If any issues are to occur with your film such as lifting corners or bubbling, it is likely to happen within the first few weeks. We encourage all customers to come back to the shop one month after the job, so we can give your vehicle one more look to make sure it is still perfect and if there are any issues, they can be addressed.*

Color Selection

We have hand picked the best colored PPF brand that has the best finish, durability and material. To browse available colors, click on the brand. Our shop carries sample books, so you can see all colors in person!



Copyright © 2022 Rive Autohaus LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2022 Rive Autohaus LLC. All Rights Reserved.